Posterior Displacement of the Bladder in Dogs

Pelvic bladder is a term that refers to displacement of bladder from its normal position and affected size and/or position of urethra. This condition happens when the bladder is located too far back on a dog and ends up inside the bones of the pelvis. The pelvic bones cause the bladder to not be able to fill up fully. Therefore, if the bladder gets even a little bit full it will empty involuntarily.

Young intact female dogs are more prone to this condition along with urination problems but some affected dogs don't show urination problems despite having this condition.

 This condition may occur in dogs of both sexes, either intact or neutered, although it is more common in intact females less than year of age. In male dogs, it is usually detected after neutering.

Common symptoms associated with pelvic bladder include:

Involuntary urine passing (urinary incontinence)

Inability to urinate more than a few dribbles at a time

Urgency to urinate without ability to pass urine

Urine scalding of tail and adjacent area

Not all affected dogs will show these symptoms and some will remain without any symptoms at all.

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