Rat Poison Toxicity in Dogs

Rat poisoning toxicity is a serious condition in dogs. There are several rodenticides and pesticides available freely for combating rats and rodents in the house. While these products are helpful in eradicating unwanted rodents in the house, ingestion of these products can be fatal for the dogs.

Different anti-rodent products have different active ingredients. One such ingredient is zinc phosphide. It is used in some rat poisoning products and is also commonly used by pest control experts. When ingested, one of the many effects of this chemical on the body is the release of gases in stomach, so the affected dog will have rotten fish or garlic like smell in breath. 

Other symptoms of zinc phosphide toxicity include

Garlic or rotten fish odor in breath (with no recent history of eating either of these foods)

Rapid breathing, difficult breathing

Blood in vomit




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