Skin Disease (Dermatophilosis) in Dogs

Dermatophilosis is a form of bacterial skin infection caused by Dermatophilus congolensis. This condition is also known as lumpy wool, cutaneous streptothrichosis and strawberry footrot.

This condition can occur in any dog of any breed and size and it is most often contracted from farm animals such as cows, sheep or horses in warm and humid climate. Dogs with wet skin or skin that is wounded from parasitic bites, such as from fleas or ticks, increases the chances of contracting the skin disease.

Gray-yellow crusted bumps, similar to hives and often circular in form, are found on the skin or head. Removal of these hives will reveal that these bumps have dozens of hair in them as the disease affects hair follicles. The affected area may also have pus beneath the hive.

Symptoms to look out for include

Dermatitis (skin inflammation)

Scab on skin

Weeping skin

Skin eruption

Skin tenderness

Skin papules

Skin pustules


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