Skin Mite Dermatitis in Dogs

Cheyletiellosis is an itchy, scaling skin disease of dogs caused by infestation with Cheyletiella mites which are highly contagious, zoonotic skin parasites that live on the outer layer of skin and tissue fluid of the top layer. An infestation with these parasites is medically termed as cheyletiellosis. It is similar to a flea infestation and is treated in the same way.

The condition is also referred to as "walking dandruff" since the movement of the mites among the flakes of skin tends to make it look like the dandruff is on the move. The mite maneuvers around beneath the keratin layer, pushing up scales of skin so that they seem to be moving, and leaving a dusty surface of skin scales on the surface of the hair. Infestation with cheyletiella mites causes moderate irritation. 

Common symptoms associated with this condition are

Alopecia (Loss of hair)

Excessive scratching

Visible scaling of the skin

Dusting of skin flakes (dandruff) on the surface of the hair

Lesions on the back

Underlying skin irritation (may be minimal)

Small yellow skin mite may be visible on close inspection

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