Skin Ulcers in Dogs

The term Dermatoses describes a group of dissimilar skin disorders characterized by the presence of erosions or ulcers.

Erosions are shallow defects on the skin that only affect upper layer of the skin. They are painful but heal quickly once the underlying cause is treated. With ulser, the surface layer of the skin is completely compromised as the wound goes deep into the skin. Careful wound prevention is required in ulcers since they can get infected as well as heal slowly.

The symptoms will depend on the cause. However, they can include one or more of the following:

Erosions or ulcers; they may be found anywhere on the body

Hair loss (alopecia)

Single or multiple lesions; lesions may be inflamed (indicated by redness and swelling)

Lesions over pressure points (where skin lies closest to the bone)

Dried discharge on the surface of a skin lesion (crust); or, may have moist discharge oozing from the lesion

Loss of pigment in skin and/or hair (depigmentation) 

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