Snail, Slug Bait Poisoning in Dogs

Snail bait poisoning, also known as ‘shake and bake syndrome’, occurs when dogs ingest snail or slug bait that contains the drug metaldehyde. It is a relatively common poisoning seen in veterinary practice.

Metaldehyde is a common ingredient used in molluscicides, which are products used to kill snails and slugs and sometimes used as solid fuel for camp stoves . The drug affects nervous system of the dog. 

All animals are susceptible and as little as 1 teaspoon per 4.5kg body weight can be fatal in fifty percent of pets.

This type of poisoning is more often seen in coastal and low-lying areas where use of molluscicides is customary.

Common symptoms associated with this condition include




Excessive panting

Excessive drooling (ptyalism)

Uncoordinated walk

Muscle tremors



Increased sensitivity to light, touch, and/or sounds

Increased respiration (hyperpnea)


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