Sperm Abnormalities in Dogs

Teratozoospermia is a disorder associated with the occurrence of sperm cells with abnormal or unusual structure that greatly results in male infertility. The occurrence of sperm cells that have abnormal shapes can greatly affect male fertility. With this disorder, the motility of sperm cells is decreased, and it also prevents the sperm cells to go through the ovum for fertilization to occur.

In this condition,  40 percent or more sperm are abnormally shaped. The sperm may have short or curled tails, double heads, or head that are too large, too small, or badly shaped. Abnormal sperm cells have a decreased ability to fertilize an ovum. If the number of good sperm cells is lower than normal, the incidence that it will reach the ovum for fertilization is also decreased.

Dogs of any breed can be affected by this condition however, older dogs are more prone to this condition. Also, Irish Wolfhounds have been reported to have lower semen quality then dogs of other breeds.

There is no outward symptom of this disorder and the most obvious symptom is infertility in the dog. This is revealed when a male dog fails to impregnat a breeding partner.  

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