Spine Degeneration in Dogs

Spondylosis deformans is a disease that is characterized by the formation of bony spurs along the margins of the vertebrae. It may affect one area or multiple areas of the spine. The bony spurs can bridge from one vertebrae to another in some pets. It is a degenerative, noninflammatory condition of the spinal column characterized by the production of bone spurs along the bottom, sides, and upper aspects of the vertebrae of the spine. These bone spurs are simply projected growths of bone, usually grown in response to aging, or injury. Older, large-breed dogs are at highest risk for developing spondylosis deformans. 

Common symptoms associated with this disorder include 

Patients are typically asymptomatic, the growth of bone can be felt when touching your pet before you will notice any behavioral changes a result of the growth

Pain may follow fracture of bony spurs or bridges


Restricted motion


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