Stalled Labor and Delivery Problems in Dogs

Uterine inertia is a problem during the birth (parturition) process. It is the failure of the muscles of the uterus to function properly to deliver the puppies or kittens. Uterine Inertia is a cause of ineffective labor. In this condition, the female dog is unable to bith fetus due to uterine muscle's inability to contract and expel the puppies out of uterus.

Uterine inertia is categorized into primary uterine inertia and secondary uterine inertia. Primary uterine inertia involves inability of the uterine muscles to contract and expel fetus out of uterus. Secondary uterine inertia involves muscle fatigue. Uterine muscles become exhausted after prolonged contraction against an obstructing or oversized foetus or during birth of a large litter.

The main symptom is the inability to initiate the process of birthing (parturition) at the end of the normal gestation period.

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