Stomach Disorder (Loss of Motility) in Dogs

Gastric motility disorders are abnormalities that result from condition that disrupt normal emptying of the stomach.

Stomach grinds and breaks down food into smaller particles and passes it to duodenum -the first portion of small intestine–  through its spontaneous and peristaltic (involuntary, wavelike) movements. Abnormal gastric motility occurs when either excessive gastric motility, with muscular contractions occurring too frequently, causes pain or below normal motility causes delayed gastric emptying, abnormal gastric retention, gastric distention/bloating, and other related signs. 

Gastric motility disorders are seen in dogs of all breeds, ages and sexes however, it is uncommon to see primary disorders in young dogs.

Symptoms depend on underlying cause of the disorder. Most common symptoms include

Chronic vomiting of food, especially soon after taking meal


Loss of appetite (anorexia)


Compulsive eating of non-food substances (pica)

Weight loss

Abdominal distention (below normal motility)

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