Tapeworms in Dogs

Tapeworm infestation is medically known as Cestodiasis. Tapeworms typically settle in small intestine. Proper treatment to destroy tapeworms is critical to avoid transmission to humans and prevent damage to the dog's body.

There are different species of tapeworms like Taenia,Dipylidium Caninum, Echinococcus, and Mesocestoides. As the tapeworm grows, pieces of it break off into segments and passed into dog's intestine which can be seen as dried, white to cream colored pieces of tapeworm in dog's feces or in the fur under the tail. Size and shape of tapeworm pieces is different for different species of tapeworm and range from very small pieces to similar to sesame or cocumber seeds. Dogs may bite or lick the anus, or drag their hind quarters across the floor in response to the itching.

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