Ticks and Tick Control in Dogs

Ticks are parasitic organisms that attach themselves by mouth, to the skin of dogs and other animals. Ticks feed on blood of the dog and can be transmitters of bacterial and viral diseases. They suck blood of the animal and in doing so, inject toxin into the body. This toxin prevents clotting of blood. The longer the tick is attached with the body, the more toxin it releases into the blood. This toxin affects nervous, skin and respiratory systems of the affected animal and can cause toxicosis or hypersensitivity, and in some cases blood loss anemia. 

Ticks come in four stages, egg, larvae, nymph and adult.

Ticks can be visibily seen specially as they become large with sucking of blood. They have hard backed shell and can be felt as small bumps during a palpation (touch examination) of the skin, or during regular petting.

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