Tooth Dislocation or Sudden Loss in Dogs

Tooth luxation is the medical term that denotes dislocation of tooth from its normal place. Dislocation can occur either vertically or lateral (on either side).

The tooth moves up (intrusion) or down (extrusion) in its bony socket while it tips to the side in lateral lunation.

Lateral lunation is usually due to an injury that moves the tip of tooth to one side. In vertical luxation, dislocation of root happens. If a tooth is dislocated suddenly from its place, it is termed as avulsed which means it has been suddenly torn from its spot.

A shorter tooth is the indication of intrusion while a larger tooth is the indication of extrusion and can be moved both vertically and horizontally when touched. 

In lateral lunation, the tooth appears deviated on either side as well as overlapping the nearby tooth to some degree. In avulsion, the tooth is found to be completely dislocated from its socket. 

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