Tumors of the Endocrine Glands in Dogs

An oncocytoma is a benign tumor made up of oncocytes (unusually large cells that tend to form into tumors). Oncocytomas can occur in any organ, but they are particularly common in the kidneys and salivary glands.

Endocine glands secrete vital body harmones directly into the blood and lymph nodes. oncocytoma, when occurs in endocrine glands, grows within atypical cells found in the endocrine glands and epithelium (the tissue lining the cavities of the body).

Oncocytoma is benign (non-melignant) and only minimally, if any, invasive. The only problem related to this type of tumor is the location of it as its presence may restrict movement, blood passages, or airways. Though presence of oncocytoma in larynx is very rare in dogs, it does happen. Usually, oncocytoma in dogs is found around kidneys but can occur at any location where endocrine glands are present.

Symptoms depend on the location of the tumor mass. In case of larynx tumor, difficulty in breathing and change in voice are noticeable symptoms.

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