Tumors of the Vagina in Dogs

Vaginal tumors refer to tumors of vagina. They are among the second most common reproductive tumor of dogs. These tumors are mostly benign, usually with finger-like extensions. For example, leiomyoma, a type of smooth muscle tumor; fibroleiomyoma, a fibrous tissue and smooth muscle tissue tumor; and fibroma, a fibrous tissue tumor).

This tumor may not cause any discomfort to the dog (hence never diagnosed) or it can cause complications that are not directly related to the tumor like menstrual bleeding, painful urination and difficulty birthing.

Symptoms regarding vaginal tumors are:

Outside the vagina

Slow-growing around the anus

Discharge from the vagina

Difficulty urinating

Frequent urination (polyuria)

Licking the vulva

Difficulty giving birth

Inside the vagina (intraluminal)

Mass protruding from the vulva (often at estrus/heat)

Vulvar discharge

Straining to urinate

Difficulty urinating (painful)

Straining to defecate

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