Urethral Shaft Abnormality in Dogs

Ectopic ureter is a medical condition where the ureter, rather than terminating at the urinary bladder, terminates at a different site. It is a congenital abnormality in which one or both ureters open into the urethra or vagina. There are two types of ectopic ureter disorder, bilateral ectopia affects both ureters, and unilateral ectopia affects one ureter. Commonly, the affected dogs have a tubular shaft bypass the bladder floor and enter through the bladder wall. Less frequently, the ureter opens into into the bladder floor and continues as a trough into the uretha.

Labrador Retriever, Golden retriever, Siberian husky, Newfoundland, Bulldog, West Highland White Terrier, Fox Terrier, and Miniature and Toy Poodles are breeds that are more prone to this condition.

It is a rare genetical disorder and most affected dogs go without showing any urination problem. However, lookout for symptoms such as

Occasional or continous incontinence

Inflammation of vagina

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