Urinary Tract Obstruction in Dogs

Urinary tract obstruction can be described as blockage or constriction at any point in the urinary tract that impedes the normal flow of urine and causes urine to be retained in the bladder or kidneys. Urinary tract obstruction is a medical emergency causing the dog to strain while urinating, producing little or no urine each time.

Straining to urinate is among the first signs of urinary tract obstruction. Because of the abnormal passage of urine, the stream or flow of urine will be interrupted and may appear cloudy. If any urine is seen, it may appear dark or blood tinged.

The pain involved causes many dogs to cry out and they will stop eating and become depressed. Vomiting or retching may also occur. If the dog does not receive medical treatment, renal failure can develop, which can be life threatening within three days of symptoms.

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