Vascular Ring Anomalies in Dogs

The term vascular ring anomaly describes several congenital disorders that occur because of abnormal development of the blood vessels that arise from the aortic arch in the fetus. The most common abnormality is a persistent right aortic arch which develops instead of the left aortic arch that would normally become the permanent aorta, the main blood vessel leading from the heart.

Also known as persistent right aortic arch, the condition develps due to compression of esophegus at base of the heart. This prevents dilation of esophagus and consequently passing of food in front of the compression. This condition is termed as megaesophagus. 

Symptoms of vascular ring anomalies include 


Regurgitation of undigested solid food in young dogs (less than 6 months of age)


Aspiration pneumonia resulting in coughing, increased heart rate and heavy breathing

This congenital disorder is most common in German Shepherds, Irish Setters, Great Danes and Boston terriers breeds.

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