Wart Virus in Dogs

Papillomatosis is the term that is used to describe a mild or benign tumor on the surface of the skin. It is caused by papillomavirus. The condition is generally associated with wart-like appearence raised with central surface having an open pore if the wart is inverted. Dogs can have both inverted and raised warts. 

This mild tumor can sometimes turn malignant and cause common skin cancer. The condition can occur in dogs of all ages. 

papillomatosis is commonly seen around lips, mouth and tongue. Young dogs may have this wart around eyes, mouth and genitals.

Symptoms for papillomatosis include bad breath (mouth papillomatosis), bleeding from mouth, excessive excretion of saliva and increased or decreased appetite. Dogs affected by papillomatosis may develop circular or oval papillomas around lower abdomen. 

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