Dog Grooming Basic

Part of keeping your dog healthy and your house clean is grooming your dog appropriately. Grooming your dog is beneficial for both pet and you, the pet owner. It keeps your pet feeling fresh, clean, and loved while you feel comfortable having a companion who wouldn’t mess up the house with dirty feet and stinking smell.

What to look at
Regular grooming activities for your pet mean paying attention to every inch of your pet’s body – from nose to tail – and knowing what to do to keep each part clean. That includes your pet’s:

It requires bathing with shampoo and water, proper drying, daily brushing, and trimming.
Why are these necessary?
– It keeps your dog free from ticks and fleas
– It improves your dog’s blood circulation
– It removes loose, tangled, or dead hair and skin
– It keeps his coat shiny, producing and spreading natural oil
– It makes them look neat, clean, and cared for
– It strengthens the connection between pet and pet owner

This includes removing collected wax and dirt by wiping with cotton swabs.
Why is this necessary?
– It keeps your dogs ears free from mites
– It avoids earaches
– It keeps your dog away from potential infections

Brushing and freshening the breath using toothbrush or tooth biscuits, at the least, is very helpful for your pets.
Why is this necessary?
– It minimizes the possibility for cavity and toothaches
– It keeps your dog free from bad breath
– It prevents dental problems and other health issues

This requires trimming and clipping
Why is this necessary?
– Overgrown nails can injure your pet
– It is a site for parasites to breed when not cleaned and cut
– It can cause damage in your skin or your furniture

Can I myself groom my pet?
Depending on the age of your dog is and how much he’s been used to being groomed, grooming can be a pleasurable experience and bonding moment between you and your dog. The younger you train your dog to regular grooming sessions, the easier the task will be and the more likely that you can do it yourself. If you don’t prefer to do so or don’t have enough time, there are also professional dog groomers who can groom your dog for you for a price. The important thing is for your dog to be regularly groomed and prevent any future health concerns that could come up from poor hygiene.