When to see the vet

Having observed your dog for symptoms that he could be unwell, you worry next on what the symptoms could mean. Your mind battles between wanting to dismiss them as nothing serious and to call the veterinarian.

What the symptoms could mean
There are a variety of possible reasons for your dog’s symptoms. Infections, poisoning, inflammations, allergies, failure of the kidney, lung or liver, heart condition, parasites, viruses, and – yes –  depression may all show the same initial signs. How soon or how serious the symptoms of illness could harm your canine friend depends on many factors, that’s why early detection, prevention, and management are vital.

Making your decision

Suspecting that your dog is sick and deciding when to bring him to the clinic is entirely your judgment call. The rule of thumb is if you’re not sure what to do, call or visit a vet. If the symptoms bother you and persist after you’ve observed him throughout the day, contact the veterinarian for advice. In the end, it is always better to be safe, keep your mind at peace and your dog’s health at its best.

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