Muscle Atrophy

The dog is becoming weak and the muscles appear to grow weak over time. There appears to be a decline in the size and texture of the muscle. Muscle wasting is a symptom of several different types of diseases, including diabetes, kidney failure and hypothyroid. Muscle wasting can also be a direct result of a … Read more


The dog is shaking, shivering, trembling or shuddering. This could be due to excitement, need for thermo-genesis, fear or anxiety or other bodily disorders.


The dog is exhibiting one or more symptoms of pain which may include growling, barking, licking, scratching, biting, over-aggression, lying hunched, or on one side or has glazed vision, flattened ears etc. Symptoms would also depend on the part of the body where pain is being experienced. Pain could be a result of a wide … Read more


The dog is losing blood from a cut or wound or from any of the openings like mouth, ear, nose, vagina, rectum, urinary tract etc. The bleeding could also be internal which can be observed though imaging examinations. The causes could be many depending on the origin of the bleeding.