Mountain View Cur

The Mountain View Cur is a hard hunting dog with balanced temperament. It is a rather new breed that was developed in late 1980s by a husband-wife couple of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bloodgood in United States. The main purpose for developing this breed was to create a treeing dog with superior scenting abilities … Read more

Middle Asian Ovtcharka

The Middle Asian Ovtcharka (also known as the Alabai, Central Asian sheep-dog, Credneasiatskaya Ovcharka, Central Asian Ovcharka, Central Asian Shepherd dog, Turkmen,Middle Asian shepherd, Alabay, the Wolfhound, Volkodav) is one of the most ancient dog breeds. Since ancient times, the Alabai was an irreplaceable assistant, a friend and the companion to Shepherds in Central Asia. … Read more

Latvian Hound

The Latvian Hound is a medium size breed that originated in Russia. This dog is present since 17th century when it was specifically developed to assist hunters during Duke Jacobs' rule of Duchy of Courland. The dog was then known as Courland Hound and it was renamed to its present name in 1970. This breed … Read more

Labrador Husky

The Labrador Husky is a medium size Spitz type dog originating in Labrador region of Canada. Bred to be sled pullers, the dogs are very strong and hard working with great endurance. Unlike what the name of the breed may suggest, it was not developed from Labrador retriever and Husky dogs. This is a purebred … Read more


The Kromfohrlander is a rather new breed of companion dog, originating in Germany in 1940s. It is believed that this breed is the result of accidental matting between the Fox Terrier and the Grand Bassett Griffon Vendeen breeds. The resulting puppies were admiringly beautiful and uniform in appearance. These puppies were taken in by llse … Read more

Labradoodle Australian

The Labradoodle Australian comes in three varieties; the Labradoodle Australian bred in Australia with the purpose to convert this cross breed into a pure breed; the Australian Labradoodle bred in USA as a hybrid and the American Labradoodle. The breed standards for Australian Labradoodle bred in Australia with a purebreed in mind, suggest that the … Read more

Kishu Ken

The Kishu Ken is also known as Kishu or Kishu Inu. It is a medium size sturdy Japanese dog that is believed to have been in existence since thousands of years. Thought to be older than Akita Inu and Shiba Inu, the dog predates the recorded history. It has been used as an efficient hunter … Read more


The Karabash is a flock guardian dog originating in Turkey. It is a large mastiff type dog that has been used primarily to guard the flocks of sheep and goats from predators. It is an alert, active and brave dog that is regarded highly for its outstanding guarding abilities. Its job is to protect the … Read more


The Jamthund is also known as Swedish Elkhound. It is a Spitz type dog that has been around since 1000s but it has been recognized as a separate breed only recently, in 1946 to be precise. Originated in Sweden by the people of Jamtland, a province of Sweden, this breed was previously seen as one … Read more

Icelandic Sheepdog

The Icelandic Sheepdog is the one and only dog breed native to Iceland. This ancient dog is believed to have originated from the dogs that were brought by Vikings with them and hence it is called as Vikings dog. Other names for this breed are Iceland Spitz, Iceland Dog, Friaar Dog and Islenski Fharhundurinn. It … Read more