Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale

Also called Berner Sennenhund or Bouvier Bernois, the origin of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed is not well documented, but many believe they are descendent of the molossus war dogs, a mastiff type dogs brought to Switzerland over 2,000 years ago by the Romans legions. They were bred in the canton of Berne as a … Read more

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is named after the Belgian city of Malines. This dog is one of the four Belgian sheepdog breeds (the Malinois, the Laekenois, the Groenendael and the Tervuren). Those four breeds are considered, in most parts of the world, as the same breed, but have been recognized (except for the Laekenois) in … Read more

Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher

The Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher, also known as German Pinscher, comes from a mix of the Miniature Pinscher and the Schnauzer. That's why, at the beginning, it had both smooth and wirehaired puppies. The Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher was used as a vermin hunter, a family pet, a herder and a watchdog. The breed was officially recognized … Read more

Scotch Collie

The Scotch Collie or Scottish Collie is the name given to Collie dogs that originated in Scotland. With passage of time, Scotch Collies became 'Collies' in the late 20h century. Scotch Collie was the name given to what is now commonly known as the Collie (Rough-coated and Smooth-coated). Certain other breeds, most notably Collie descendants … Read more

Rough Collie

The Smooth and Rough Collie are considered by the AKC as varieties of the same breed and therefore are judged by the same standard with the exception of the coat. There are three different varieties of Collie based primarily on coat appearance: Collie (Smooth and Rough), Border Collie and Bearded Collie. Considered to be one … Read more


The Pumi is a medium small multi-talented and multifunctional terrier-type dog that originated in Hungary. Known and valued for its working skills as a herding dog that can herd not only sheep but cows and pigs and as general farm dog, the Pumi is also an efficient small rodent hunter. It originated during 17th and … Read more

Panda Shepherd

The Panda Shepherd is in fact a piebald German Shepherd which has occurred in single GSD line. This unique dog is 35% white and rest is black and tan in colour. It is a spontaneous mutation and has no White German Shepherds in its ancestry. This unique dog came into existence through a natural genetic … Read more


The Norrbottenspets (also known as Nordic Spitz, Norrbottenspitz, Pohjanpystykorva) is an ancient breed of spitz type dogs that originated in Sweden. This dog was primarily used as hunting and farm dog but is now gaining popularity as family companion pet. Announced the National dog of Sweden, the Norrbottenspets originated in 1600s from Dingo dogs. It … Read more


The Mudi is a rare herding breed from Hungary. This breed is a very talented and versatile dog that not only adept in herding sheep and cattle but also excel in many other different tasks like search and rescue, agility trials, flyball and obedience. Beside, it is also an able watch and guard dog. It … Read more

Mountain View Cur

The Mountain View Cur is a hard hunting dog with balanced temperament. It is a rather new breed that was developed in late 1980s by a husband-wife couple of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bloodgood in United States. The main purpose for developing this breed was to create a treeing dog with superior scenting abilities … Read more