Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher

The Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher, also known as German Pinscher, comes from a mix of the Miniature Pinscher and the Schnauzer. That's why, at the beginning, it had both smooth and wirehaired puppies. The Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher was used as a vermin hunter, a family pet, a herder and a watchdog. The breed was officially recognized … Read more

Swedish Elkhound

The Swedish Elkhound is also known as Jamthund. It is a Spitz type dog that has been around since 1000s but it has been recognised as a separate breed only recently, in 1946 to be precise. Originated in Sweden by the people of Jamtland, a province of Sweden, this breed was previously seen as one … Read more

Stephens Stock Mountain Cur

The Stephens Stock Mountain Cur is a scenthound dog that belongs to Cur dog breed. Also known as Stephens' Stock and Stephens' Cur, this medium size dog breed was developed in southeastern Kentucky, USA by Stephen Family. The breed was developed from a strain of Mountain Cur for several generations until the dogs show sufficiently … Read more

Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three varieties that come under Poodle breed. Other two varieties, the miniature and the Toy Poodles, were developed from larger Standard Poodles. Originated in Germany, this dog was developed as a type of water dog but since then, has transitioned into a versatile dog that can perform … Read more


The Stabyhoun(also known as Frisian Pointing Dog, Beike Dutch Stabyhoun and Stabij ) is a versatile, medium size dutch dog that originated in Friesland province of Netherlands. It is a very rare breed of dog that was documented as early as 1800s. This Stabyhoun is very much a dog for common man and hence fairly … Read more

Srpski Gonic

The Srpski Gonic is a pack hunting scenthound that can use its keen sense of scent to track and hunt small to medium size game like deer, foxes, rabbits and hares. Originated in Balkan Territory, this medium size tenacious hunter was previously known as Serbian Hound. Also known as Balkan Hound and Balkanski goni, origin … Read more

Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel ( English Springer Spaniel) is the first of all the English hunting spaniels. During the Renaissance, it was considered as the ideal companion for the European hunter, but it's only in the 1700's that the breed began to be popular in America. This breed hunts on land and water and makes a … Read more

Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog is a medium size, ancient herding and general farm dog, originating in Spain. Also known as Perro de Agua Espanol, Turco Andaluz and Turkish Dog, the SWD has a distinct curly coat. This dog is a versatile breed that can not only function as herding dog but also perform gundog function … Read more

Spanish Bulldog

The Spanish Bulldog is also known as Alano and Alano Espa�ol. It is a large Molosser dog breed, originating in Spain that can stand up to 24 inches and weigh around 75 to 88 pounds when fully matured. It is extremely athletic dog with a well proportioned body that enables the dog to achieve high … Read more


The Smalandsstovare is the oldest and smallest scenthound breed native to Sweden. Also known as Smaland Hound, this small to medium size dog originated in 16th century. Origination of this dog took place during Swedish Empire when soldiers returned home from great wars (1611-1718), bringing with them Polish, German, English and Baltic hounds which were … Read more