Luc test breed

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Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is named after the Belgian city of Malines. This dog is one of the four Belgian sheepdog breeds (the Malinois, the Laekenois, the Groenendael and the Tervuren). Those four breeds are considered, in most parts of the world, as the same breed, but have been recognized (except for the Laekenois) in … Read more


The Pumi is a medium small multi-talented and multifunctional terrier-type dog that originated in Hungary. Known and valued for its working skills as a herding dog that can herd not only sheep but cows and pigs and as general farm dog, the Pumi is also an efficient small rodent hunter. It originated during 17th and … Read more

Mountain View Cur

The Mountain View Cur is a hard hunting dog with balanced temperament. It is a rather new breed that was developed in late 1980s by a husband-wife couple of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bloodgood in United States. The main purpose for developing this breed was to create a treeing dog with superior scenting abilities … Read more

Dogo Argentino

The Argentine Dogos are large, white and muscular dogs developed in Argentina. They are bred for big-game such as hunting, including wild boar and puma. They are also called Argentine Mastiff and Dogo Argentino. These dogs are naturally robust, very intelligent and have a quick response as of a serious athlete. Their short, plain and … Read more

Bohemian Shepherd

The Bohemian Shepherd is also known as Chodsk� Pes or the Chodenhund. This intelligent and gentle breed has been long used as herding, watch and guard dogs. The dog is now being used for other purposes as well such as guide dog, search and rescue dog and helping dog for handicapped. This multipurpose dog is … Read more

Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler is also known as Australian Cattle dog (ACD), Australian Heeler, Hall's Heeler and Blue Heeler. It is a typical herding dog that was developed in 19th century in Australia when an Australian farmer crossed two herding dog breeds to produce Hall's Heelers. The dogs were made available for public and were subsequently … Read more

Beagle Harrier

One of the oldest and now rare hound breeds in France, the Beagle Harrier is a scent hound that is used in packs to hunt deers and hares. It is believed to be a cross between two breeds, the Beagle and the Harrier though some also claim the dog is not a cross but a … Read more

Ariege Pointing Dog

The Ariege Pointing Dog (also known as Braque de l'Ari�ge or Ariege Pointer) is a scent hound and a transcendent gun dog. They hunt by scent and not by speed or sight. The dogs of this breed are large in size with a height and weight of 22-26 inches and 55-60 pounds. The breed is … Read more

American Tundra Shepherd Dog

The American Tundra Shepherd Dog was originally developed for U.S. military use but its not-so-aggressive nature deemed the project as failure but the breed was continued to be produced. The American Tundra Shepherd Dog is a large, muscular and powerful dog with wolf-like appearance. The breed has a wedge-shaped head with a large muzzle and … Read more