Queensland Heeler

The Queensland Heeler is also known as Australian Heeler, Hall's Heeler, Blue Heeler, Australian Cattledog, Australischer Treibhund, ACD or simply Heeler. Developed by pioneer settlers in Australia during the 19th century, the Queensland Heeler is a robust working dog needed on large ranches in the outback. Known as the 'Heeler' due to its herding skill … Read more

Podenco Ibicenco

The Podenco Ibicenco (also known as Ibizian hound) is thought to have been originated in Egypt and there after were distributed throughout Spain in early 700 BC. This breed is a very rapid hunter and was used mostly to hunt game and rabbit. As well as finding and catching their prey, the Podenco Ibicenco retrieves … Read more

Picardy Spaniel

The Picardy Spaniel is a hunting gundog that originated in the valley of Somme in Picardy region of France. This dog is believed to have originated from ancient French Spaniel, known as Oysel dog. Related to Blue Picardy Spaniel, having many similarities but the Picardy Spaniel is the older of the two breeds. Also, apart … Read more

Old Danish Chicken Dog

The Old Danish Chicken Dog is also known as 'Gammel Dansk Honsehund', 'The Old Danish Pointer' and 'The Old Danish Bird Dog'. It is a medium size breed originating in Denmark and is used as pointing dogs. This breed is believed to have originated in 1710 in Danish towns of Randres and Hobro when a … Read more

Moyen Poodle

The Moyen Poodle is another variety of the Poodle dog breed. This Poodle size is known as Klein Poodle. The size of it falls between the Miniature and Standard Poodle variety but it is not developed from mixing the two. Moyen means medium in French while Klein means medium in German. These dogs are very … Read more

Moscow Vodolaz

The Moscow Vodolaz is also known as Moscow Diver, Moscow Retriever, Moskovsky Vodolaz and Mascow Water dog. This now extinct breed was a mastiff type dog that was built from NewFoundland, East European Shepherd and Caucasian dog breeds to act as service dog. After WWII, there was shortage of working dogs in Russia as most … Read more

Majestic Tree Hound

The Majestic Tree Hound is a large size scenthound that originated in United States of America. This is a relatively new breed and was developed from well established dog breeds of Medieval France. Saint Hubert Hound and Talbot Hound are the progenitors of this large and magnificent dog. The Majestic Tree Hound is a re-creation … Read more


The Lundehund (also known as Norwegian Lundehund) is a small Spitz breed of dog that originated from Norway. The name Lundehund came from the prefix Lunde originated from the Norwegian word "lundefugl" meaning "puffin" while the suffix "hund" means "dog". The Norwegian Lundehund are also known as Lundehund, Norwegian Puffin Dog, Norsk Lundehund and Lundies. … Read more


The Landseer is often mistaken as a colour variant of Newfoundland Dog but it has been recognised as a separate breed by FCI. It is a large dog that is named after a famous British painter, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer who created a painting (titled : A Distinguished member of Humane society) in 1838 which … Read more


The Koolie (also known as Australian Kolie, German Kolie) is an eye catching and well balanced native working breed of Australia. It is used to herd sheep and cattle. The dog is medium in size with longish triangular shaped pricked or semi-pricked ears. The eyes can have one of many colours like blue, brown, green, … Read more